Set 1

Rock me baby (slow sexy blues)

CC Rider (fast rock n roll)

Thrill is gone (slow bb king type blues)

Long tall sally (rock n roll with stops)

Hound dog (rock n roll)

Hoochie Coochie Man (classic blues with stop)

Sweet little angel (Slow blues)

Everyday (funky blues)

Be careful what you wish for (bit like 'not fade away' or 'faith')

Bads my middle name (regular blues)

Johnny B Good (rock n roll)


Set 2

Crossroads (cream version - upbeat blues)

Flip Flop and fly ( harp intro - rock n roll ish)

Five long years (slow blues)

Forget (slow dirty blues change of rhythm for chorus)

2:25 (like fire by hendrix - bit funky blues)

Good times roll (bb king version blues stops in middle)

How blue can you get (slow blues, stops in third verse)

Bittersweet blues (slow blues)

Hold on I'm coming (soul - sam and dave)

Born under a bad sign (cream version not too fast)

Mojo working (rock n roll)


Harder ones (we should probs leave these for wed?)

Wandering man (bit like honky tonk woman)

Mr pitiful (soul)

Jump (bit like la grange by zz top stops) 

Bad boy (rock n roll)

We have others (mainly originals) if needed but they would be a bit sketchy as they are more complicated.