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"Powerless" is the third and final single from the new album "The Irish Goodbye" by The Bad Day, the follow up to the critically acclaimed 2022 album "The Bad Day" which won plaudits and rave reviews from international media such as BBC, Planet Rock and Classic Rock Magazine.

The album takes inspiration from writers, artists and poets such as; Van Morrison, Charles Bukowski, AC/DC, Rival Sons, Hunter S. Thompson and Tom Waits. 

Album title: The Irish Goodbye

Artist: The Bad Day

Single release dates; 

1st single: Welcome to the show - Friday March 29th

2nd single: Heartbeat - Friday April 26th

3rd single: Powerless - Friday May 24th


Album release dates;

Pre-order: from Friday March 29th

Full album release: June 28th

Recorded in Punch Studios

Produced by Craig Smith

Written by The Bad Day

Copyright Crackerjack Records 2024

Powerless (single) ISRC: USCGJ2440838

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Artist website: Website

About the band: About

Previous music: Music

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The Bad Day pride themselves on being a real band, four pieces of a puzzle, that fit together in a very unique and interesting way. As the songs on this album showcase, it's hard to fit them into a pigeonhole.


In fact that is something they strive to avoid, singer and bassist Adam Rigg says "All my favourite artists are cross-genre, I think that's the sign of a real musician or band if they can write a rock song one minute and then next write something more pop or jazz or blues or reggae. Why be limited as an artist? It's all music, it's all self expression. Enjoy it all."

From their inception in 2017 playing sweaty rock bars in London, to playing major festivals across the globe, The Bad Day show no signs of slowing down. They already have notable awards and nominations, international endorsement deals, major radio play, TV and magazine coverage. 


With 2024 set to be a big year given the release of "The Irish Goodbye" it's good times for The Bad Day.

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