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The above is the music video for the first single from the album. The single is called 'Welcome to the show'

Below is the draft front and back vinyl cover for the album. The album is called 'The Irish Goodbye'

The album cover was painted by guitarist Nick Peck and shows an abstract Lion in a boat looking into the water, this represents something powerful being powerless in certain circumstances, which is a theme throughout the album in the context of falling in and out of love.

"The Irish Goodbye" is to leave somewhere without saying anything.


We had been planning to release on our own label (Crackerjack Records) as we did with our previous album "The Bad Day" but we had the thought it may be good to partner up with a record label on this project.


For context our last album came 3rd in Classic Rock Magazine's best blues albums of 2022 and received impressive critical acclaim. it was a concept album and the songs flowed into each other telling a story.

This album "The Irish Goodbye" is a more traditional track by track album format and could sit in the blues-rock category for chart purposes. Our harmonica infused rock/blues/punk sound is quite unique and we pride ourselves on being a real bandwidth real creative integrity.


The album is in the final stages of mixing and mastering and will be completed by the end of January.


Our thoughts were to release three gratuity tracks before full album release;

1) Welcome to the show - possibly in March,

2) Heartbeat - possibly in April

 3) The Irish Goodbye - possibly in May. 

Full album release in June.

We have a music video for Welcome to the show and will create lyric videos for Heartbeat and The Irish Goodbye.We have good contacts to help promote at magazines, radio, tv and partner endorsement companies such as Orange amps, Guild guitars, Crom bass and others.

We work with TMR management company who will also assist in promoting the album and we will be playing select live shows throughout the year to support sales of the album.

Adam is a member of the Recording Academy and so can submit and vote at the Grammy Awards.

We would be open to working with the right record label to push this album and help us widen our customer base.

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